Time Machine - API overview

Time Machine uses a classic REST API which you can call on your own. Here, you can find out more about specific endpoints, learn how to structure them and understand the responses.


Calls to Time Machine’s API should be authorized in the same manner as calls to Jira - for example, by using Basic Auth.


Time Machine's endpoints should be called by using your Jira base URL followed by /rest/time-machine/1.0 and then by the endpoint path. Example: https://mycompany.com/jira/rest/time-machine/1.0/issue/change/history.

Please refer to the following articles to learn more about specific endpoints:

Data types

Jira’s field system is very advanced and different fields hold their values in different data structures. In order to properly handle them Time Machine uses a mechanism of data types. Each type of field is assigned a type of data that they hold which is easily identifiable by both backend and frontend services. In order to learn more about the details of each data type and to find out the field type - data type mapping please visit the following documentation: